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  • Don't Dehydrate in the Sunshine!

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    Don't Dehydrate in the Sunshine!

    Dehydration is a concern in hot weather, and it affects most of us at some point in the summer. The trouble is, it is very easy to miss the fact that you are dehydrated. Symptoms include a headache, irritation, dry skin, lethargy and slight irritation – but these are common symptoms for some office workers anyway! However, if you feel as if you are still hungry after eating a meal or you have a pounding head, the chances are you simply need to visit the office water coolers and top up your jug. Try to visit the kitchen every couple of hours to get a fresh drink – whether from the hot water dispenser or the water cooler. Sip it and you will start to notice a difference in your energy levels and general wellbeing. Try herbal teas, plain water, crushed berries in ice cubes, sugar-free cordial or even an occasional fresh smoothie – as long as you watch those sugars, as they can damage the enamel on your teeth and play havoc with your blood sugar! It is equally important to avoid alcohol in hot weather because it dehydrates you very quickly. Avoid drinking in the sun on holiday, or at least mix your cocktails with regular 'virgin' cocktails, fresh juice or water and lemon. This will help your body process the alcohol and sugars and avoid becoming too parched. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables too. They are made almost entirely from water with plenty of vitamins, fibre and minerals added for good benefit. Where possible, avoid sugary drinks which will simply provide unnecessary calories along with additives, flavourings and other chemicals. One of the best drinks for a hot day is also the simplest - cold and filtered fresh water, with ice cubes, and a slice or two of lemon!

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