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  • Don’t Go Thirsty Whilst Working – Hydrate Yourself!

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    Don’t Go Thirsty Whilst Working – Hydrate Yourself!

    It’s easy to forget the importance of keeping yourself hydrated when you’ve got what seems like a million work tasks to complete and not enough time to do them in. However, regardless of how much you’ve got to do and the length of the deadlines involved, you need to build in time during your working day for water breaks. A stroll down to the office water coolers will allow you to stretch your legs, give your eyes a break from the computer screen, and, most importantly, rehydrate yourself. But how can you tell if you’re suffering from the effects of dehydration? It all depends on the amounts of water you’ve consumed during the day. You’ll start to experience a lull in productivity when tiredness sets in, you might begin to suffer from varying migraines or headaches, and you may feel the effects of muscle cramps. These are only the relatively minor symptoms, though. If you consistently let yourself become dehydrated you could experience more severe problems with your kidneys, your blood pressure may start to rise, and you may spot the signs of constipation. Thankfully long-term and short-term problems can be avoided if you simply grab a few cups of fresh water during the day. If you feel tired, hungry or thirsty – pop down to the water cooler, pour yourself a cool glass of water and rehydrate. That’s how simple it is. When hydrated you’ll find your focus improved. This will allow you to feel refreshed, and tackle that mountain of tasks a whole lot better! Latest news from Angel Springs, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.