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  • Drinks to avoid in your quest for health

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    Drinks to avoid in your quest for health

    So, you're trying to be healthier in 2013 and you know that you need to drink more water to achieve this aim. But where you do you start? Everywhere you look there are adverts for supposedly healthy, detoxifying sports drinks that purport to have all kinds of incredible health benefits. But are these benefits genuine, or are people simply wasting their time and money in the quest for health when they can find it at the office bottled water dispenser with a glass of the clear stuff? The fact is that diet and energy drinks are the products of expensive marketing campaigns and vast amounts of advertising spend. The human body needs water to operate at maximum efficiency. This water can come from the tap, a kettle or from water coolers. It needn't be bottled at the source, filtered or carbonated, although you may enjoy the taste and convenience of such variants. Water need only be plain and natural. The trick to working out whether a drink is more than the sum of its advertising and marketing is to read the ingredients label. You will likely find references to sugars, additives, caffeine and other nasties that you simply do not need. The only people who do need isotonic drinks are those who participate in endurance workouts, such as long-distance cyclists, athletes and marathon runners. However, if you are planning to train hard, you can simply create your own isotonic drink by adding a pinch of salt and sugar to your water bottle. You may wish to add a little fruit juice too for taste, but that is entirely optional. You'll soon see that these drinks are wholly unnecessary and in fact many of them provide unwanted calories that will otherwise hamper your good intentions. It's clear after all: plain water is all that you need to hydrate your body and stay healthy. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.