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  • Enjoying a Healthier Summer

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    Enjoying a Healthier Summer

    Embracing a health kick in summer can be a great way to feel and look great in the office and drinking adequate water is a quick way to restoring vitality and well-being. So whether your office benefits from mains fed water coolers, bottled water coolers or a hot water eco boiler, there are plenty of ways to increase your consumption of water this summer. Those who like cold drinks from mains-fed water coolers should know that water can be jazzed up a little with a range of healthy additives. Fresh mint leaves add zing, cold ice cubes provide instant refreshment, especially when served with a twist of lemon and there are plenty of low or no-sugar cordials available if you prefer sweeter mixed drinks. Just avoid adding calories to an otherwise healthy drink, as no drink is more naturally beneficial than water. For hot drink lovers, the range of herbal teas is immense. And hot drinks taste much better with our range of wonderful eco boilers. Eco boilers use BRITA technology to filter water, so it tastes pure, clean and brilliant at high temperatures – but the best feature for businesses is that eco boilers use less energy and waste less time than traditional kettles. It's important to minimise caffeine consumption as it places stress on your heart and adrenal system and is generally unhealthy beyond small amounts. Encourage staff to swap to fruit and herbal teas instead. They have plenty of additional health and beauty benefits. Nettle tea, for example, is a good source of iron and helps purify the blood, while peppermint actively aids digestion after big meals and green tea is a powerful antioxidant, keeping you beautiful and speeding up your metabolism! Ginger tea is great if you feel queasy and chamomile is very calming. Fennel tea is also good for relieving post-meal bloat, while African redbush is filled with powerful nutrients and general cleansers. You can also buy teas that are specifically blended to support slimming, energy, health, detoxification, sleep and more. Such drinks are packed with delicious and natural additives. Don't forget flavoursome fruity teas either, which are wonderfully sweet without sugar and can be very refreshing. Try cooled fruit teas with a little honey and some ice cubes for a fresh twist!

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