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  • Fighting Winter Colds

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    Fighting Winter Colds

    The symptoms of a cold are well known to us all: streaming eyes, a blocked-up nose, a pounding head and inopportune sneezes! There's little worse than going back to work, after the Christmas break, with a cold, and yet it's an unfortunate reality for most people. January is traditionally a hard month for the human body. It is usually busy dealing with the excesses of Christmas, coming to terms with a long period of drinking and eating. People are also exposed to germs when they travel on congested public transport or work in busy offices without any circulation of natural air. With weakened immune systems, exposure to cold weather and plenty of germs flying about, it's no wonder people fall ill in January. However, by increasing the amount of water you consume you can help your body to work on all cylinders and stay healthy. This is because basic water, the type you take from the bottled water coolers in the workplace, is vital to every one of the functions served by your body. It plays a critical role in helping to support your immune system and scientists think that hydration also plays a role in keeping the membranes in your nose hydrated. This can help them to keep cold bugs at bay! Water is also important for keeping your skin healthy and clean. Try eight glasses of cold water from the bottled water cooler at work and you should rapidly notice a difference in your energy levels and immune system resistance. Hot water counts too. Just avoid caffeine by trying fruit or green teas instead. Try hot water and lemon in the morning, particularly if you do succumb to a cold, perhaps with a little manuka honey, which has anti-bacterial properties. This is better than using over-the-counter remedies that often hinder the body in clearing cold germs via its natural defences. By supporting your body to work in the way that it wants to, you'll quickly notice the benefits. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.