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  • Great Tasting Tap Water at Work, Every Time

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    Great Tasting Tap Water at Work, Every Time

    You’ll have no doubt heard someone bemoan the taste of tap water in your workplace, or maybe you’re one of the few to have voiced their disapproval of the cold stuff over the years. It is a fair enough observation in truth. The taste of water can certainly vary from one area of the UK to another, and you can always tell the difference between a glass of tap water, and a bottle of sourced mineral water. However, in the workplace constantly having to buy individual water bottles from the shop can be a costly enterprise. Not only that, but you’ll then have to constantly recycle all of the cast off bottles. In itself that is not an issue, but if you have a large workforce you may need to have special collections organised. Don’t fear however, there is a simple enough solution at hand – a water cooler. A mains-fed water cooler unit will provide you with chilled, filtered water, all transformed from the odd-tasting tap water supplying it. These units are an effective way of utilising the water system already in place and providing countless cups of crisp, chilled water. Alternatively, you may instead want to opt for a bottled water cooler. This does the same thing, but is fitted with a large bottle of water in lieu of a mains supply. Usually your water cooler provider will be quite happy to take the old bottles when they deliver a new one, so you don’t need to worry about recycling or storing old bottles until you can find the time to dispose of them in a green fashion. Once you have one of these types of water cooler in place you should never again hear the voices of disapproval on the taste of tap water. You may even find staff go to the cooler more often rather than opting for a hot drink! This means a healthier workforce too, as it is always recommended to drink plenty of water. So all in all it’s a win win situation for you and your staff.

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