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  • Hot and cold – how leasing water dispensers in the workplace bring so many advantages

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    Hot and cold – how leasing water dispensers in the workplace bring so many advantages

    Employers are beginning to realise just how important a hydrated workforce is. More productive, more alert and possibly happier too, the opportunity to lease or hire a water dispenser should not pass you by. However, did you know that there is also a range of water dispensers that can offer hot water too? This in itself, has all kinds of advantages for a workplace. Blowing hot and cold – talking temperatures Water is not always pleasant tasting on leaving the tap. Full of chemicals to cleanse the water of harmful bacteria and other detritus, when it leaves the tap, it can sometimes smell ‘bleachy’. Not only this, because it can often be tepid, it can taste odd. Water should be tasteless. There should be no tint or possible detection of any kind of chemical which is why investing in the hire of water dispensers is simply perfect. Every cup full is filtered meaning it should taste of… well, nothing. Just water. Definitions of temperature As you browse the various water dispenser specifications, you will come across descriptions of temperature. What they say is important:

    • Tepid – no water dispenser manufacturer would use the word tepid as it stands for lukewarm. It is an odd stage of temperature, affecting the taste of water, that hovers between being cold to being warm-ish.
    • Ambient – not everyone enjoys ice cold water so when this is the case, they want their water dispensing at ambient temperature. Ambient temperature could almost be described as being at room temperature, or certainly in balance with the air temperature surrounding the water dispenser. With filtered water, this won’t affect taste nor quality.
    • Chilled or cold – this means that the water, on the tap being pushed, is dispensed after it has passed through a chilling unit within the dispenser itself. Although not ice cold, the water being dispensed is between 4° and 10°c is enough to give a refreshing hit.
    • Hot – there is an option with many water dispensers to either have ‘ambient/cold’ taps or ‘hot/cold’ taps. Operating at temperatures between 74° and 92°C, should anyone complain that the hot water is not boiling or hot enough to make tea, this is where you can show your tea-knowledge prowess. Tea drinkers, both black, green a fruit flavoured teas will tell you that boiling water should never be used; it oxidises the leaves, leaving a stewed, bitter taste.
    Important safety tip

    If you are looking at leasing a ‘hot/cold’ water dispenser for your workplace, you need to ensure that the taps on the hot section have a child-safety lock. This prevents accidental spillage of hot water, not just in areas where there may be children but for adults too, unsuspecting that the red tap actually dispenses hot water.

    The products on offer

    If you have decided that the hot/cold combo is perfect for your work place – no more waiting for the kettle to boil – then you have a variety of decisions to make. For example, should you opt for a plumbed-in water dispenser or a freestanding one?

    The decision will depend on your budget and the number of people your water dispenser will serve. If you have a large team, then a plumbed in option may be favourable or, if you want mobility and the freedom to move the water dispenser from one place to another, then the bottle-fed option is best.

    Once you have the basics out the way, we think the next factor that comes in to play is style…

    For example, take the futuristic looking Cosmetal Rio 23 freestanding, plumbed-in hot and cold water dispenser. Delivering an impressive 22 litres of chilled water per hour, it won’t look out of place in any office or work unit. Designed for almost constant use, like most other brands, this water dispenser has hot water being delivered at a maximum of 92°c.

    Or, if you prefer the bottle-fed option, the Glacier freestanding water tower, with its Greek like column is perfect for giving you a reliable supply of chilled, ambient or hot water.

    We have a range of water dispenser options, perfect for every business and requirement.