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  • The Best Water Cooler for Hotels, Gyms and Spas

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    The Best Water Cooler for Hotels, Gyms and Spas

    Water is the giver of life. We all need it. Sometimes we need to just top up our hydration levels as we go through the day but other times, we need to take in a larger amount of water. As this message begins to hit home, more people are opting to drink more water and less tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices and so on. As a hotel, gym or spa, many of your patrons will come to expect water to be freely available. And, as such, they will expect to have the option of cool or cold drinking water, or ‘room temperature’ water. Why drinking water is important Overall, the human body is about 60% water; the brain alone is made up of 70% water and the lungs a staggering 90% water. Each day, experts suggest that we need to replace up to 2 litres of water that we lose through sweat, breathing and urine. When we exercise, we sweat more and can urinate more, placing the body under pressure as its hydration levels drop. Water does many things in the human body:

    • Lubricates joints
    • Nourishes and protects the brain
    • Regulates body temperature so that it stays within a normal range
    • Removes waste from the system
    • Can make the skin look more plump, as the body is well hydrated
    • Can help energise the body post-workout

    With such important things that it needs to do, water is more important to the human body than food in some ways; there is a saying that we can survive for week or more without food, but only a few days without water.

    In the case of a gym, as we exercise we should take on more water but not necessarily in large amounts over a short space of time. Resting the muscles during strenuous workouts is important and thus, the water dispenser can be the short 30 second break that patrons need to rest muscles and take on more water.

    Won’t tap water do?

    We are fortunate that we do have a relatively clean, bug-free supply of water when we turn on the tap but, in a spa or hotel situation, it may not be convenient or desirable to have people accessing kitchens or have basins fitted so that they can refill water bottles and so on from the tap.

    Tap water, as bug-free as it is, is only this way because of the chemical treatments that it goes through. And some of these chemicals remain in the water that we drink.

    Chlorine, for example, is known as an ingredient in bleach that can kill virtually all known germs. It is a common ingredient in swimming pools too, as it is effective at killing water borne bacteria. It is added to treat tap water for that very reason and some people say that they can smell it in the water too.

    Clearly, the amounts in tap water are miniscule and may not do us any immediate or obvious harm but many people are becoming more conscious of what they consume. Certainly, in a spa setting where the emphasis is on health, the provision of water through a cooled water dispenser is a must.

    Perfect for hotels, gyms or spas

    However, as a business you have responsibilities to ensure that anything you offer your patrons and customers is safe to do so.

    There are various water-borne bacteria that, if we consume or ingest them, can make us very ill. Water dispensers do need to be cleaned and hygienically so to to prevent any accumulation of bacteria. When you lease water dispensers from a reputable company such as Angel Springs, you know that the equipment will be serviced to a high standard. Engineers are trained in Water Regulatory Advisory Service to ensure that any equipment is serviced in a way to actively prevent any kinds of bacteria accumulating and so on.

    Some dispensers can also be fixed and connected to the mains too, and this is great in areas such as the reception or the foyer. In some cases, you may prefer being able to move them too and thus, table-top dispensers are a great addition to your establishment.

    Providing efficient, clean-tasting water for your clients

    Water is important and you want your customers to have convenient access to clean water and water dispensers can provide this. The package can also include small cups and so on too, and so everything is contained and maintained in one easy, cost-effective package.