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  • Water Cooler Bottles and Dispensers – Which will suit your business?

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    Water Cooler Bottles and Dispensers – Which will suit your business?

    Bottle-fed water dispensers are an increasingly common sight in business premises and workplaces throughout the country. In some ways, the UK is catching up with other countries where, due to the everyday heat, have long known the need and advantages of staying hydrated throughout the working day and beyond. For many businesses new to water dispensers and the leasing of, it can be difficult to know what to look for when it comes to water coolers, buying bottles of water, keeping the unit hygienically clean, conforming to regulations and so on. In this guide, we answer some of the more common concerns of new and ongoing customers too.

    The use of water in plastic bottles is an environmentally friendly option

    We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and this includes constantly monitoring and reviewing how we can decrease our impact on it.

    A common concern of customers is the use of plastic bottles for bottle-fed water coolers. Many assume that once empty and collected that we send them to landfill. This is not the case.

    Our plastic bottles undergo a sanitising process and are then re-filled, using water from a sustainable UK source that surpasses the stringent guidelines and regulations on managing land and water.

    Water bottles for water dispensers have a long life, able to withstand several cycles of sanitisation and re-filling before they are no longer fit for purpose. At this point, we recycle the bottles with much of the plastic being re-used in ‘new’ water bottle for water coolers, as well as in other items.

    Understanding capacity and how it relates to your workplace is key in getting the right ‘size’ of water cooler

    Capacity is the amount of water that a water cooler can chill and dispense one cup after another. In the case of bottle fed water dispensers, this will be the size of the bottle that fits on top. Some customers opt for a 13-litre water bottle, others need more and choose the 19-litre bottle.

    The water is filtered as it is dispensed from the machine, cleaning any impurities and this makes for great tasting water. Getting the right capacity is a balancing act between;

    • Having water bottles that are too small in capacity and volume, leading to them being changed on a very frequent basis. This also means that you will need to be constantly re-ordering from Angel Springs too. This not only takes up your time but also affects the environmental impact of frequent deliveries.
    • And having water bottles that are too big. This is a false economy because if you are not using the water bottles on a frequent basis, you will have full bottles in storage for too long as well as having a contract that is too onerous to service. Water cannot be stored Even though there is ‘nothing’ in water, time, sunlight, heat and so on, all combine to give rise to bacteria.

    Fully serviced packages take care of all the other aspects of having a water cooler in situ

    There are many regulations that govern the safe dispensing of what is termed in guidelines as ‘wholesome drinking water’.

    Water is relatively inert but in certain conditions, the growth of bacteria can be kick-started and accelerated. This invisible bacterium can not only affect the taste of the water but also make people ill.

    This is why with bottle-fed water coolers must be deep cleaned and sanitised every three months. The filter unit also needs to be cleaned regularly. Rather than take a chance and try and do it yourself – incorrectly flushing through an ammonia based cleaning agent can leave a residue that is as unpleasant to health as dirty water is – you can leave this cleaning process to the professional technicians from Angel Springs.

    To protect against this growth in bacteria, there is a harmless, invisible and tasteless film added to the inside of the dispensing tap and so on that prevents bacteria ‘sticking’ the plastic thus, it is not able to form nor multiply.

    Our packages also include the supply of drinking ‘cones’. These are fully recyclable which can be collected in a recycle bin that we can also supply in addition to your contract. If you need larger drinking cups, we can supply those too.

    Already have a water cooler? Our bottles may fit

    You may have already purchased a water cooler tower but still want to benefit from our delicious tasting water. The good news is that in most cases, our water bottles are a universal fit thus, you can order bottles of great tasting water from us – and accessories, if needed – and still benefit from our great service too.

    Not sure? Then contact us to find out more.

    Getting the balance

    For many businesses, understanding the capacity of water cooler contract, they will need can be difficult if they have no previous experience of leasing water coolers. This is why we offer free trials so that you can see how your employees will use the water dispenser, the size needed and so on.

    Call us and lets our water hydrated your workforce without costing the earth!