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  • Waterlogic WL2500 Countertop Water Dispenser

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    Waterlogic WL2500 Countertop Water Dispenser

    The compact design of the Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser is the perfect addition to your staff, customer and visitor areas. This functional and robust design evokes a professional and stylish addition to any countertop or kitchen area. The Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser is a hassle-free machine that delivers a constant water supply thanks to its large capacity tanks and filtration technology. These machines ensure filtered hydration on the go, without the need to wait for the tanks to refill. Maximise your valuable storage space by choosing a sleek countertop design which measures 480mm (height) x 345mm (width) x 367mm (depth). The Waterlogic WL2500 is a small but powerful machine that can fit snugly into spaces on your countertop while still providing a large volume of water very quickly. The weight of the machine is 32kg, which is light enough for most countertops to withstand. There are two options for the Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser:

    • Cold only
    • Extra hot and cold

    Depending on your requirements, these machines can offer a quick, cold, refreshing glass of water or a hot option to make other beverages in an instant, without needing to wait for a kettle to boil.

    Although only a small and compact countertop machine, the Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser has a 60 cups per hour capacity and holds a 1.4-litre drip tray. This ensures all over-pouring accidents are draining quickly and without mess. The large capacity drip tray means it does not need to be empty so often. The capacity and large drip tray facility means it is perfect for high traffic areas, where it is not always possible to keep an eye on the cleanliness and appearance.

    The countertop water dispenser comes in a professional and modern design, which is perfect for any visitor or customer areas as well as adding a contemporary finish to kitchens and drink stations. The Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser is presented in silver and charcoal grey colours, ensuring it will complement any interior design already in place.

    The countertop water dispenser can be installed quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss. The dispenser requires access to a 13A switched socket, within one metre of the machine. As this machine uses water from a rising main, the pipework also needs to be within one metre of the water dispenser. The pipework will need to be terminated with a 15mm BS1010 stopcock.

    If you are not sure about the power and pipework availability, then our friendly in-house service team will be able to explain the solutions so that the machine can be placed the most suitable location for you.

    As well as providing both hot and cold water in a quick and accessible manner, the water dispenser also ensures the highest-quality drinking water through a range of innovative filtration techniques.

    To ensure the best tasting, safest and freshest water, the water will go through three stages of purification;

    Anti-microbial protection โ€“ This powerful solution makes an inhospitable environment for bacteria and germs. It is an effective solution by killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It is completely safe so that you can be sure of the freshest and cleanest water.

    Carbon filtration โ€“ activated carbon reduces impurities through chemical adsorption. Carbon is very effective at removing contaminants from the water such as chlorine. The use of carbon is beneficial at removing unpleasant taste and smell from water, which is usually caused by chlorine. With the carbon filtration system in the Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser, you can be assured of a clean and fresh tasting glass of purified water.

    In-Tank UV Filtration โ€“ Ultraviolet (UV) is the most effective method of removing bacteria from water. The ultraviolet rays can penetrate through harmful pathogens and destroy bacteria by attacking its DNA. This method does not use chemicals which can often affect the taste and smell of the water. This method is highly effective at removing harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause ill-health.

    The Waterlogic WL2500 countertop water dispenser is a low-maintenance and robust machine that will provide you with a constant clean supply of fresh cold or hot water. It only requires a small space on a countertop which keeps your valuable floor space free. This countertop dispenser uses a mains water supply, which is much more economical and healthier than bottle-fed options, as well as being an environmentally friendly option.

    This countertop water dispenser is a hassle-free and economical way of providing your home, staff, customers and visitors with safer, cleaner drinking water with a superb high-quality taste.