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  • Bottled water coolers vs. mains fed water coolers

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    Bottled water coolers vs. mains fed water coolers

    Drinking water is essential. We need to maintain all the vital functions that continuously happen within our bodies, and we can feel the effects of dehydration quickly, even in our supposed temperate climate. Access to clean drinking water is something that in developing countries is taken for granted but, even then, the water that we rely on, if not stored and used correctly, can turn into a nightmare.

    Tap water

    Tap water in the UK is taken for granted and we also take for granted that it is safe enough to drink. In most cases it is but there are some people who are not keen in drinking tap water as they can smell ‘chemicals’, as well as taste an unfortunate ‘chemical’ taste to it too. These additions to tap water are to cleanse it so that we can consume it safely, but there are alternatives.

    One alternative is the provision of cooled and filtered water with water coolers. There are two types to choose from: bottle fed or mains fed. Which is best?

    Bottle-fed water coolers

    These are the small pieces of equipment, either counter top or floor standing, which you will have seen in many places that have a large upturned bottle sitting on top of the unit. Depending on the dispenser, the bottles can hold 2, 3 or 5 gallons of water.

    There are many pros to bottle fed water coolers;

    • These water dispensers in the main require tiny maintenance
    • There is a variety of options both in the size of the machine itself, as well as any accompanying package that you opt for; water coolers in all circumstances are typically very cost-effective
    • In some cases, the bottled water is pre-filtered before filling and thus, if there is an internal filtering system, the water that emerges will be of the highest quality and very clean tasting
    • Bottle fed systems can be placed anywhere (within reason!) and can also be moved if needed
    • This system is usually part of a maintained package; in other words, the dispenser is supplied with so many bottles per year. Along with some recyclable cups (in most cases); any maintenance or cleaning that is needed can also be included in the package
    • There are some dispensers that produce ‘room’ temperature water and cooled water, but there are some that also heat the water
    • They are incredibly easy to use – simply depress the lever and water instantaneously pours from the tap!

    Is a mains-fed dispenser an option?

    However, some businesses are not keen on taking on a financial commitment to a package for bottled fed machines, and the use of plastic bottles and so on can also be a contentious issue.

    As a result, they may opt for a mains-fed option instead, and there are many benefits to doing this;

    • Mains fed – also known as point-of-access water dispensers – are plumbed directly into the main water supply and for many businesses, they find this a more convenient way to provide drinking water for their staff
    • The filled water bottles for its dispenser cousin can be heavy to lift and slot into place; as mains fed machines can continually draw water, this means that there is no need for lifting, replacing of the bottle and so on.
    • Those plumbed in dispenser that include a filtering system find that the water not only looks better but tastes and smells better than tap water
    • It is the environmentally friendly option with no plastic water bottles, therefore, no waste
    • This dispenser type is also better in workplaces where the workforce if relatively large as bottle fed machines may struggle to cope with larger numbers, or you will need more than one.
    • Again, they are easy to use – just press the button or tap!

    However, like all decisions, the flip side has to be considered and thus there are some cons with the plumbed in a version that may mean it is not the option best suited for you.

    These plumbed in versions of water cooler will require some more maintenance for them to function correctly, and this tends to fall to your maintenance tea, (if you have one). They are also more expensive in the initial outlay stages and also means some onsite plumbing in work.

    Likewise, they are fixed in that one place as to move it requires changes; this fixed point can be a bonus for some, but not for others.

    Bottled water coolers vs. mains fed water coolers, which option is right for you?

    Whichever option you choose, your staff and visitors will benefit enormously from the provision of cooled drinking water, either from a mains fed system or a bottled fed dispenser. Which one is right for you?

    Contact us today to see which water cooler will be right for you.