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  • Businesses Remain Hydrated in Manchester – Thanks to Angel Springs!

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    Businesses Remain Hydrated in Manchester – Thanks to Angel Springs!

    The sixth largest city in the UK, Manchester has a population of half million living within the city boundary. Within the Greater Manchester area as a whole, the population has steadily grown to 2.5 million. With big names and industry making their way to Manchester, it is no surprise that the population has begun to climb. Seen by many as the capital of the North of England, Angel Springs ensures that when at work or school, no one goes thirsty.

    Big name business

    The list is impressive: from the BBC to Kellogg’s Henri Lloyd, Stagecoach and Thomas Cook, this city is not just about football or cricket. It is about welcoming and housing companies that are leaders in their sectors and fields.

    They all need a quality workforce but, once they have the best employees, they need to ensure that they well-catered for. Of course, some of these are legal requirements – such as the provision of water – but, sometimes a cup of tap water is not always the tastiest…

    Angel Spring Water Coolers

    We have over 60,000 water coolers in operation on a daily basis across the UK, and many of these are in the Manchester City area. This means that many businesses are already taking advantage of our excellent product and service, so why not you?

    Why bother?

    Legalities – we have already mentioned that it is a legal requirement, along with various other aspects that an employer must provide for an employee. However, we hear you say, the law doesn’t mention water coolers – and you would be right. And this is why we think you need to know the advantages of Angel Springs in your business.

    Hydration is key to so many things

    The post-lunch slump, the 3 pm dip, the mid-morning plummet – all phrases that we are sure you will recognise. These are the points in a day where nothing seems to happen with any great speed or urgency. It is the point where everyone seems lethargic, not quite so focused and productive.

    Except for one or two and if you take a look, these will be the employees that drink water. Penny dropped? Yes, you need water coolers in the office, where people can access great tasting water that is filtered and chilled.

    Water cooler moments

    The power of the water cooler is simply incredible and we are not the only people that think this. A strange thing happens when people meet at the water cooler – they talk.

    This talking, these conversations, these laugh-out-loud moments and more can all have a quality to them that you have, up until this point, been missing out on.

    From deciding on a new direction for a project to trying something new, to taking a step into the unknown to fostering better working and networking relations, the water cooler is the place where all kinds of wonderful things can happen.

    Why not try it for yourself, with our fee, no quibble water cooler trial?

    Local, sustainable and environmentally friendly

    Many businesses realise that their profit can no longer be made at all costs, including having a detrimental impact on the local environment. As a result, many companies have streamlined their operations and monitor their environmental impact.

    You may be a company that has various certification and standards to meet to main this award and thus, investing in bottled water might not seem the most sustainable option. Also, if the delivery is coming from miles away, how can you justify this action?

    The good news is, is that Angel Springs have already thought about this and thus, offer sustainable water provision to thousands of customers across Manchester:

    • Locally sourced water – Currently, we source water in Lanarkshire and Warwickshire, which we understand, is not quite local to Manchester. However, we have a constant supply of water being transported to our depots and these are local. As well as a Manchester depot, we also have service centres close by in Leeds and Liverpool.
    • Transport links – the reason we have 16 service centres across England, Scotland and Wales is so that we can easily reach our customers, without running thousands of small vans for miles and miles and miles…
    • No fuss, no quibble, just great tasting drinking water – it is something that others look on with envy. The simplicity of our service means that your water cooler never runs dry, your staff will never be thirsty and business in Manchester will always be hydrated – thank Angel Springs.
    See our depot nearest to Manchester.