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  • Make tap water taste great with a mains-fed water cooler

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    Make tap water taste great with a mains-fed water cooler

    For many people, water taken directly from the tap can seem less appealing or tasty than water from a bottled source. This is because water quality from the mains is variable across the country and is affected by a vast range of factors. Principal among these factors is the level of local water hardness or softness, and the processing techniques of the water utility companies responsible for delivering drinking water for a given region. All must comply with strict regulatory processing procedures, yet each will have a slightly different approach to treatment. As a result, plain mains water differs vastly from place to place. And people opt for expensive bottled water as an alternative. There is one way, however, in which to guarantee deliciously fresh- tasting water straight from the tap – no matter where you are in the country, who supplies your water, or how they treat it. A mains-fed water cooler plugs directly into the mains water supply, ensuring your normal tap water is transformed - chilled and filtered so that it tastes both pure and cool. This is a highly cost effective way in which to make the most of mains tap water and provide high volumes of drinking water for office workers. Alternatively, some businesses may prefer to look at stand-alone water coolers. These bottled water coolers use spring or mineral water and are housed in a refrigerated unit, without the need for a mains water connection. At Angel Springs, we use natural spring water from local sources, delivered through our national distribution network, to minimise transport mileage and lessen the environmental impact. Once you have the right water solution in place in the office, your staff should really start to notice a difference in terms of the quality, taste and volume of water they're encouraged to drink. This is important; a regular intake of water has been proven to improve focus and concentration. We should all, ideally, drink around eight glasses throughout the day, whether cold and filtered or heated using an eco-boiler.

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