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  • The Angel Ice Bucket Challenge Continues

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    The Angel Ice Bucket Challenge Continues

    It’s not just our main office that’s doing their part in supporting ALS! Our Hemel Hempstead Office and Scotland depot took the challenge too. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a charitable event that has swept the nation in an attempt to raise money for ALS, a motor neurone disease which affects muscles resulting in a lack of control over body movement. At Angel Springs we take part in a number of charitable events. Donating our time, money and water to help in any way we can. When the Ice Bucket Challenge was bought to some of our staff’s attention they immediately decided to take part and donate what they could. All the staff who took part were enthusiastic, below is what our Hemel Hempstead Office had to say.

    Lloyd Fletcher, Telephone Sales Assistant Manager: ‘’BRRRilliant cause and we really enjoyed getting 120 litres of freezing water poured on us – would I do it again? YES! Thank you for donating’’. Nikki Mann, Telesales Executive: ‘’ It was such a fun way of raising money and awareness for a great cause! It was ice cold but it was worth it! I'm sure the lads enjoyed chucking water over us as well!’’ Laura Hemmings, Telesales Executive : "It was so cold but so worth it! I'm always happy to do my bit for charity. Thank you to all that donated and well done to all those who took part!" Becca Wilson, Telesales Executive: ‘’Doing the ice bucket challenge was loads of fun and freezing cold! Definitely a great way to raise money for a great cause’’ Liam Murphy, Regional Sales Executive: “Doing the Ice bucket challenge was buckets of fun. Well done to all that took part and donated for such a great cause!”

    To donate visit our just giving page click here

    To watch our Hemel Hempstead ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ video click here

    To watch our Scotland ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ video click here